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It has always been my opinion that the best of Bosch compares more than favourably with contemporary work elsewhere, surpassing most of it in fact. There is no doubt that Esias well and truly laid the foundation for craft pottery in this country, giving it its original momentum, setting the stage for its coming of age, educating the public and paving the way for many of us to follow.


- Hym Rabinowitz





That is the essence of his work — art and function in perfect harmony. I have lived with Bosch pieces for a great many years, and they have given me pleasure beyond the speech of it.


- Madeleine van Biljon





Never one to go along with fashion, Esias developed celadons of an ethereal lightness. His lovely whites, embellished with spontaneous brushwork, are very much his own individual style, being neither rustic nor Oriental. The painterly quality of his decoration with its sure, light touch adds freshness and sparkle to his work.


- Thelma Marcuson





Bosch’s progression from earthenware to stoneware, then to porcelain, lustre tiles and his latest work, identifies him as an artist rather than a craftsman. Bosch rejoices in the freedom that each development brings him, the creative spirit within him unceasingly searches for new avenues to explore.


- Katinka Kempff






Bosch is an artist of enormous integrity, and one whose work is never pretentious.


- Murray Schoonraad





Bosch stayed true to his dictum that an artist’s work should not remain static, for as soon as a certain proficiency is achieved, the danger exists that the work becomes repetitive instead of creative; it becomes superficial and lifeless.


- Ronnie Watt





Near White River a bumpy road takes you to a place called Die Randjie. This is where master potter Esias Bosch lives and works on a granite outcrop with kiaat trees. You see at a glance that Die Randjie is, as the man behind it, hand-made. One of a kind.


- Jacqueline Leuvennink





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